So long Mad Men

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  • May 20, 2015
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Mad Men came to an end last Sunday and it will be missed. If you’ve never seen it you owe yourself a look. Maybe you work in advertising as we do and enjoy a peek into agency life in the 60’s. Or maybe you feel nostalgic about America in a simpler time. Regardless, it will be missed and we thank AMC for bringing it to us.

There have been many shows and movies about advertising and most have gotten it wrong. Movies like “What Women Want” and the series “Melrose Place” completely missed the mark, while shows like (and I’m going back a bit) “30 Something” nailed the agency experience. Mad Men was among those that got it right. And by “it” specifically I mean the relationships in the office. The creative director. The clients. The account executives. The show nailed the interactions between those groups, each often having a separate agenda.

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The hero of Mad Men (or anti-hero, depending on how you felt about him) Don Draper, had a strength that every agency employee aspires to. Just like Howard Roark, Ayn Rand’s hero in “The Fountainhead,” Don was good at his job and he stood his ground. And in a business where ideas are often as tangible as smoke and mirrors, believing in what you produce is key. So fare well Don. You live on through our desire to make great work.